• 01-MAY-2017

Alejandro Escovedo for Prevent Cancer Foundation® “Think About the Link®”

Are You at Risk For Preventable Cancer?

Hundreds of thousands of people in the world suffer from cancers caused by viruses and many people are unaware that a link exists between certain viruses and cancer. As a result, many people do not take steps that can prevent these viruses.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation has released a new PSA featuring singer-songwriter Alejandro Escovedo to raise awareness about the connection between certain viruses and cancer.

Escovedo was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1996, which is a leading cause of liver cancer. (Together with hepatitis B, these viruses cause at least 65 percent of liver cancer cases.)

The PSA features Alejandro playing in a studio and discussing the importance of getting screened, vaccinated and treated.

We hope you will be able to use the enclosed spots whenever public service time is available throughout the year.

For more information, please visit www.thinkaboutthelink.org​ ​ or www.preventcancer.org​​​.

Title: Think about the link
Length: 30
Format: HD video and NSTC MPEG-2
Language: English
End Date: Never
Sponsor: The Prevent Cancer Foundation
Target Audience: All
Issue Area: Health
ISCI Code: 10329900416E30H