• 07-FEB-2020

What Difference Can One Hammer Make?

When a natural disaster strikes in the United States, our citizens mobilize to support those in need, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles to lend a hand. The profound need within an affected community is often answered by the goodwill of Americans wanting to do good work.

ToolBank Disaster Services offers a critical resource to bridge the gap between these two cresting waves – tools.

In collaboration with dozens of disaster response organizations and government offices, ToolBank USA spent nearly three years exploring the role of tools in disaster response and recovery.  Disaster response professionals unequivocally reported that the lack of tools and equipment consistently bottlenecked their ability to engage volunteers.  In response, ToolBank USA created ToolBank Disaster Services.  The mobile unit, expediently delivered by UPS tractor and brimming with tools from DeWalt, Stanley, and Ames True Temper, eliminates the distance between a disaster event and the nearest ToolBank.  

From providing support to communities facing natural disasters through partnerships with other national disaster response organizations, to loaning recovery tools to local volunteers, and deploying mobile units on the ground to help with clean-up – ToolBank helps communities respond and rebuild.

By airing this new PSA, you can help spread awareness of these services and help your own community respond and rebuild in the wake of a natural disaster.

For more information, visit ToolBank.org