• 06-JUL-2023

Be Ready to Save a Life - TV

Earlier this year, the sudden cardiac arrest of a professional football player on the field called national attention to the importance of CPR readiness. 

Now with youth sports and summer camps in full swing, the American Heart Association is rallying parents, coaches, and caregivers to be ready in case of an emergency.

If performed immediately, hands-only CPR can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival, however only about 40% of people who suffer cardiac arrest receive CPR.

Learning Hands-Only CPR is easier than people think, and a skill that anyone can learn in minutes.

This important new PSA from the American Heart Association will help you become a lifesaver today and encourages everyone – no matter the place, sport or age - to be equipped to act when faced with a cardiac emergency.

By airing this PSA, you’ll be supporting the American Heart Association’sBe Ready to Save a Life” campaign and highlighting the importance of CPR training for all.

To learn more visit, heart.org/handsonlycpr