• 11-OCT-2022

Chronic Leg Pain

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American Heart Association Launches New PSA Driving Awareness to Chronic Leg Pain Which May Be a Sign of a Serious Health Problem

An important new PSA from the American Heart Association shines a light on peripheral artery disease (pronounced P-A-D), which if left untreated, may lead to unnecessary amputations of toes, feet, or legs. Caused by legs not getting the blood they need, symptoms like pain and discomfort in feet, calves, thighs, or butt, may be a sign of PAD.

Diabetes and smoking are the strongest risk factors for PAD, with older age, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a family history of PAD also increasing risk. Managing PAD risk factors with lifestyle changes including quitting smoking, managing your diabetes and high blood pressure, staying active and eating a heart-healthy diet, can reduce your risk for heart disease and stroke and prevent the loss of a limb.

The “Chronic Leg Pain” PSA urges listeners to talk with their doctor, describe when it happens and how it feels, if they experience any type of recurring leg pain.

By airing these PSAs, you can help the American Heart Association inspire action. To learn more visit, heart.org/PAD