• 24-AUG-2015

National Immunization Awareness

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Dear PSA Director,

As parents of teens, we would like to protect them against everything. Vaccinating your teens against diseases including meningitis, whooping cough, and HPV is a step every parent can take to protect their family.

Across the nation, many teens are not receiving scheduled vaccinations or are not receiving all recommended vaccines. Vaccine-preventable diseases can devastate even the healthiest of teens. For instance, bacterial meningitis kills 10 to 14 percent of all infected adolescents. It can also lead to brain damage, hearing loss, and learning disabilities.

Women In Government, a non-profit, non-partisan organization of women state legislators, hosted its 18th Annual Western Regional Conference and asked women state legislators from across the region to record public service announcements to raise awareness about the importance of adolescent vaccinations. The PSAs discuss the CDC recommendations for adolescent vaccines, and provide an overview of the schedule of vaccines and why they are important for adolescent health and overall family health. The PSAs also highlight relevant federal and state policies regarding vaccinations, including the barriers to obtaining vaccinations, federal issues like coverage and reimbursement, the impact of healthcare reform, and areas in which states play a role.

Don't put your teens at risk. Talk with your doctor about vaccines for teens.

Please support us in our continued efforts to raise awareness about the importance of adolescent vaccinations by airing this PSA. To learn more, visit www.womeningovernment.org. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Dyan Alexander
Executive Director
Women In Government Foundation, Inc.