• 17-FEB-2022

Please Consider Vaccination, Rural Communities


New PSA Encourages Rural Communities to Consider Vaccination 

While many adults in the US are already vaccinated, there are several regions of the country where hesitancy about the shot remains critically high. In September 2021, incidence rates of COVID-19 in rural America were roughly 54% higher than elsewhere in the country according to the Rural Policy Research Institute.

As the pandemic continues to have an outsized impact in these areas, those living in rural communities have been more affected by variants of COVID-19, with a faster rate of spread as well as more deaths due to lower rates of vaccination.

To help raise awareness, and reduce disparities, an important new Public Service Announcement about a father who overcomes his vaccine hesitancy, and the power of choice has been released. The PSA opens with a typical Arkansas morning scene at the end of breakfast, kids rushing off to school, mom and dad preparing for their day. It then follows the dad as he drives his truck through familiar rural landscapes, acknowledging neighbors, school crossing guards and community landmarks. His journey ends at a vaccination clinic where he makes the decision to join the fight against COVID-19 and get vaccinated.

By airing this PSA, you can help inspire action in your community and help encourage others to protect their family, friends, and neighbors.