• 19-JUN-2019

United Way Worldwide

June 2019
As the world’s largest non-profit serving nearly 1,800 communities in 41 countries, United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. Over the past two years, United Way’s “Join the Fight” public service announcements (PSAs) have helped us articulate to the world who we are, what we do, and why it matters. Our PSAs have helped to position United Way as the mission of choice for anyone who wants to make lasting change, as the nonprofit that understands the need like no other and the global leader in solving communities’ more pressing social crises.
Since introducing our “Join the Fight” PSAs in 2017, we have continued to build upon our message, innovating our approach. That strategy is working. We’re cutting through the clutter. Our 2018 Brand Tracker research shows that 17 percent of the general population reports seeing our PSA. That’s a 4% increase over the prior year and includes a high percentage of millennials. The study also indicates those who saw the PSA at least once were generally three times more likely to donate, volunteer, and recommend engagement with United Way to friends/family. That’s significant.
In 2019, while being true to the spirit of “Join the Fight” we’re evolving our creative approach to highlight partnership, because we know that we can’t make lasting change without the support of our corporate partners and their employees. New :30 and :60 spots titled “Change Doesn’t Happen Alone” have been introduced into our current portfolio. These spots promote our brand credo while reminding current and prospective donors what we’re fighting for and the gains we’re making – with our partners. They illustrate how vital partnership is to building stronger communities, one person at a time.
Together, we can lift up the work United Way and our partners are doing to solve each community’s problems. By committing to run our PSAs you, too, will be joining the fight for every person in your viewing community by generating the critical awareness of United Way’s mission, connecting your viewers to our organization and inciting the much-needed support for our ever-important work.
Change doesn’t happen alone. We need your help and support.