• 14-NOV-2016

Vaccines and You: Get the Facts

Dear PSA Director,

Eating well, staying active, getting enough sleep- these are all great ways to help live a healthy lifestyle. But keeping up-to-date with recommended vaccines is also part of doing everything you can to help protect you and your family.

Most people know that there are school-required vaccines for infants and young children, but it's also important to know that the CDC recommends vaccines for preteens—even beyond the ones required by many schools. Vaccines also play a part in helping to maintain health and wellness for people of all ages, not just for children. In fact, the CDC recommends up to six vaccines for adults, including healthy adults.

In the U.S., vaccination has helped reduce or nearly eliminate some diseases. However, certain diseases are still common enough that not receiving the recommended vaccines may put people at risk of getting infected.

These :30 PSAs from HealthyWomen, the nation's leading non-profit health information source for women, and Merck, help illustrate and inform about the importance of vaccines for people of all ages, and encourage [viewers/listeners] to talk to a health care professional to learn more. The PSAs, entitled Vaccines and You: Get the Facts, feature adult and child-focused spots.

By staying informed and learning about vaccine recommendations, your[viewers/listeners] can learn how to help protect themselves and their loved ones from certain infectious diseases. We ask that you join us in helping to increase awareness about vaccination for people of all ages by airing the enclosed PSA spots.

Thank you for your consideration.


Beth Battaglino, RN
Co-Founder, HealthyWomen