Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust (WLT) :60



:60 spot featuring actor Thom Barry
More than one million wild animals are killed each year, illegally. Poaching is just one of the risks animals face at our hands. I'm Thom Barry. I'm an actor. I grew up in the beautiful rural countryside of Ohio where animals roamed freely in the open forests. I have a deep concern to help preserve those open spaces for our wildlife friends so they can live and thrive like they used to. Destruction of their habitats threaten their very existence. The best way to protect wildlife is to protect the land where they live. The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust works with private landowners to protect wildlife, to preserve natural habitats and establishing permanent sanctuaries. To learn more or to work with The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust call 800-729-SAVE, that's 800-729-S-A-V-E. Or visit Wildlife Land Thank you.
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  • Brian Osuch
    Director of Radio
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