The Majority :60 sec Radio Spot



:60 sec Radio Spot
Pit bull dogs don’t know that they face discrimination. But their owners do.

I’m Jon Bernthal. Actor. Father. Proud pit bull dog owner. I’m here to tell you about something called The Majority Project.

Pit bull dog owners across the country are sharing pictures of themselves and their pets to break down any unfair negative stereotypes held against them

Not all pit bull dog owners are the same. And yet the one thing that the overwhelming majority has in common is that they’re responsible, law-abiding people.

There are millions of pit bull dog owners across the United States who live peacefully and unremarkably with their family pets. They’re your neighbors, your friends, your family… teachers, students, athletes, scientists, public servants, and other valued members of the community.
Laws that target dog owners based on their dog’s breed or appearance won’t protect you. Holding all reckless dog owners accountable will.

Join me, and thousands of others, at The Majority and take action by simply taking your picture.
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