• 06-OCT-2016

American Heart Association Launches Spanglish PSA to Increase Bystander CPR Among Latino Millennials

Mama Knows Best

Latino millennials, the youngest major racial or ethnic group in the United States, take center stage in a new public service announcement by the American Heart Association (AHA) in conjunction with the Anthem Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Anthem, Inc.

The new spot showcases Hands-Only CPR, a two-step, easy-to-learn lifesaving technique. It is produced in Spanglish to address the growing share of Latino millennials who are less inclined to use Spanish and speak only English at home. Inspired by Hispanic culture, the :60-second spot introduces a Hispanic mother who always knows best and never fails to remind her children of her wisdom. After a series of cuts displaying the mom's smarts, the children turn the tables and show her how easy it is to perform Hands-Only CPR.

In the United States, Latinos and blacks are at a higher risk for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with a poor prognosis. Latinos specifically are 30 percent less likely to have bystander CPR performed on them in a cardiac emergency, making them less likely to survive.